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pokemon infinite fusion calculator

Ever wondered what a Pikachu and Charmander hybrid would look like? Or maybe a Squirtle and Bulbasaur mashup? Thanks to the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator site, you can create Pokemon hybrids and see them come to life. This free web app lets you fuse together any two Generation 1 Pokemon to get a unique Pokemon mashup. Just select your two favorite Pokemon, adjust the fusion slider to your liking, and boom – your very own Pokemon hybrid is born. Whether you go for an even 50/50 split or prefer one Pokemon over the other at a ratio of 70/30, the combinations are endless. Time to let your inner Pokemon professor out and start creating some truly memorable Pokemon fusions. Who knows, you might just create the next big viral Pokemon that takes the internet by storm! The possibilities are infinite.

What Is the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion Generator is a fan-made website that lets you combine different Pokemon to create unique hybrid creatures.

How It Works

The fusion generator has a database of all 807 Pokemon from the core games. You select two Pokemon from a drop-down list, and the site automatically combines them, blending their designs, types, stats, and moves.

For example, you could fuse Charizard and Blastoise to get “Charstoise” – a Fire/Water type with Charizard’s wings and tail flame combined with Blastoise’s shell and water cannons. Or merge Pikachu and Jigglypuff into “Pikglypuff”, an Electric/Fairy type. The possibilities are endless!

Some fusions may look a bit strange, but that’s part of the fun. The generator aims to blend the Pokemon in a logical way, but the results can be quite whimsical and amusing.

Using the Fusion Generator

To create your own Pokemon fusions, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select a base Pokemon from the left drop-down list. This will be the primary design for your fusion.
  3. Choose a second Pokemon from the right drop-down list. The traits of this Pokemon will be blended with the base.
  4. Click “Fuse!” and your unique Pokemon fusion will be generated.
  5. You can then save the image or share your creation on social media.

Have fun and be creative with the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Generator! Mix your favorites together or combine completely random Pokemon for surprising results. The possibilities for new Pokemon are truly limitless.

How to Use the Pokemon Fusion Generator

So you want to combine your favorite Pokemon to create an entirely new species, huh? The Pokemon Infinite Fusion generator makes it easy. Here’s how to get started:

1. Select your base Pokemon

This will be the primary Pokemon that determines the type, stats, and moveset. Pick from any of the 890+ official Pokemon. The one you choose is totally up to you and your imagination!

2. Choose a fusion Pokemon

Next, select a secondary Pokemon to fuse with your base. You can pick any Pokemon except legendaries or mega evolutions. The fusion Pokemon will determine additional types, appearance changes, and some moves. Think about Pokemon with similar shapes, colors or themes for the most seamless fusion.

3. Customize your creation

Once you’ve selected your Pokemon, you can customize the fusion. Choose primary and secondary types, pick which Pokemon forms the head/torso/legs, and select 4 moves from either Pokemon’s learnset. You can also rename your Pokemon hybrid and download images of your creation!

The possibilities are endless with over 800 Pokemon to mix and match. With a little creativity, you’ll be making completely unique Pokemon in no time. Share your favorites on social media and see what other amazing fusions people come up with! The Pokemon Infinite Fusion generator makes creating your ideal Pokemon team, well, infinite!

Tips for Creating the Best Pokemon Fusions

To create the best Pokemon fusions, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose Pokemon with Similar Body Shapes

When fusing two Pokemon, pick ones with comparable body shapes, sizes and anatomy for the most natural-looking results. Fusing a four-legged creature with a serpentine Pokemon will be difficult for the algorithm to blend in a realistic way. Stick with Pokemon that share key features like:

  • Two arms, two legs: Charizard and Dragonite, Jolteon and Flareon
  • Four legs: Arcanine and Ninetales, Persian and Liepard
  • Serpentine: Gyarados and Milotic, Seviper and Serperior

Consider Pokemon Types and Color Schemes

For an appealing fusion, select Pokemon with complementary types, attributes, and color patterns. Some examples that blend well include:

  • Fire and water: The contrasting types create an interesting dynamic.
  • Red and blue: The complementary colors are visually striking together.
  • Flowers and bees: A grass Pokemon with an bug or flying type Pokemon. Their designs naturally work together.

Check How the Pokemon Fuse

Once you enter your selected Pokemon into the fusion calculator, review how their designs actually blend together. Some combinations that seem like they would fuse well end up looking mismatched or unbalanced. Don’t be afraid to try different pairs until you find one that blends in a way you like. The key is finding two Pokemon that complement one another to produce a satisfying fusion.

With some experimenting, you’ll be creating amazing Pokemon fusions in no time. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with the process! The more you practice, the more skilled you’ll get at choosing Pokemon that fuse naturally. Happy creating!

Most Popular and Creative Pokemon Fusions

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion site has become popular because it allows you to fuse almost any Pokemon together and see what the result looks like. Some of the most creative and popular fusions are:

Mewtwo + Charizard

Fusing the legendary psychic Pokemon Mewtwo with the fiery dragon Charizard results in an intimidating powerhouse. With Mewtwo’s intelligence and Charizard’s brute strength, this fusion would be almost unstoppable in battle. Its type could be Psychic/Fire or Psychic/Dragon.

Pikachu + Jigglypuff

For an adorable fusion, look no further than mixing Pikachu and Jigglypuff. This round yellow puffball with Pikachu’s red cheeks and tail would melt any trainer’s heart. It’s singing and thunderbolt attacks would make for an interesting combo! As an Electric/Normal or Electric/Fairy type, this cute fusion could pack a surprising punch.

Gyarados + Onix

If you’re looking to intimidate your opponents, fuse the atrocious sea serpent Gyarados with the giant rock snake Onix. This massive fusion would tower over most Pokemon and knows devastating moves like Hydro Pump, Dragon Rage, Stone Edge and Rock Slide. The Water/Rock or Water/Ground typing gives it few weaknesses. No one would want to encounter this beast in battle or the wild!

Other popular fusions include:

• Bulbasaur + Squirtle = A Grass/Water turtle with Bulbasaur’s bulb and Squirtle’s shell

• Charmander + Pidgey = A Fire/Flying lizard that breathes fire and soars through the skies

• Gengar + Alakazam = A spooky yet intelligent Ghost/Psychic Pokemon with Gengar’s shadows and Alakazam’s psychic powers

The possibilities are endless with Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Let your imagination run wild and see what interesting fusions you can create! Mix your favorites together for a strong battle companion or fuse the cutest Pokemon for an adorable partner. The creative combinations are one of the most fun parts of this fan-made fusion generator.

The Future of Pokemon Fusions

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator opens up a world of possibilities for Pokemon fusions in the future. As technology advances, the calculator will likely become even more sophisticated.

New generation fusions

With each new generation of Pokemon games, more species are introduced. The calculator will incorporate these new Pokemon, allowing you to fuse them in creative combinations. Fuse a Wooloo with a Corviknight, a Toxtricity with a Hatterene, or a Rillaboom with a Cinderace. The options will be endless!

Fusing three or more Pokemon

Currently, the calculator only allows fusing two Pokemon at a time. In the future, it may expand to allow fusing three or more Pokemon together, resulting in even more unusual and powerful hybrids. Fuse a Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur into one ultimate Kanto starter Pokemon. Or fuse Eevee’s evolutions – a Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon and Umbreon mashup would be a sight to behold!

Shiny and regional variant fusions

The calculator may incorporate shiny Pokemon variants and regional variants like Alolan and Galarian forms. Fusing a shiny Charizard with a regular Blastoise, or an Alolan Ninetales with a Galarian Ponyta, would produce some uniquely colored and styled fusions.

Customization and sharing

A future version of the calculator could allow customizing the fusion result by selecting which features to inherit from each Pokemon. You might choose Charmander’s tail, Squirtle’s shell and Bulbasaur’s flower. Then share your custom creation online and see what fusions others have made!

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator has sparked imaginations everywhere. Its future capabilities will open up even more opportunities for poke-experimentation and push the boundaries of Pokemon evolution in exciting new directions. What potential fusions are you most looking forward to creating? The possibilities seem truly endless!


So there you have it, a fun new toy to experiment with and create Pokemon mashups to your heart’s content. With over 800 Pokemon to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you’ll create the next fan-favorite hybrid that takes the internet by storm. Or maybe you’ll just have a blast fusing Pokemon together in unexpected ways. Either way, the Pokemon Infinite Fusion generator is a great way to tap into your creativity and nostalgia for these memorable characters from your childhood. What are you waiting for? Start mashing those Pokemon together and see what crazy creatures you can come up with. The future of Pokemon fusion is in your hands!

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